Branded Enclosed Photobooth

Designed for Branding

The enclosed booth follows traditional photobooth cues with an internal seat, arcade style buttons a drop-chute for prints. This is the perfect photobooth for high impact locations such as long term installations in public spaces or one-off high traffic events. The classic style prints with custom logos leave an enduring impression so your guests remain attached. We offer this booth with full decal and hire packages can be upgraded with brand advocates and digital sharing of content.

Style It Your Way

Four printable sides means this booth has a total of 9.4sqm external brandable area which is one of the best in the industry. Whether your style is loud and proud, subtle and dark or simple and elegant this booth can be branded to suit. Ask us for our fixed price external branding options to put your style out there.

Visual Content

This booth has matte white panels to bounce the flash like a glamour studio in-a-box. Every session has multiple photos to almost guarantee some fun, flattering imagery and some reactions worth recording. Our booths don’t stop once we turn them on!

Print Samples

Their faces, your logo. Portraits worth keeping.

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