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At Photobooth Events, we understand our responsibility and we are highly committed to ensure the safety of our guests at events (if they decide to go ahead with the event booking) by introducing a strict sanitisation and social distancing policy.

We have implemented the below procedures as part of our COVID-19 safety plan. 

This is our plan as of today however we are closey monitoring the situations and keeping an eye on the restrictions and will amend as and when necessary. 



  • Our staff have all been trained on our COVID-19 safety plan.

  • Our Staff will not attend your event if they feel unwell or experience any symptoms of COVID. Another replacement staff member will be arranged to attend the event. 

  • Staff will wear face masks and gloves when and where necessary.  

  • If the client prefer to not have an attendant on their event, it is advised to the client that they will remain close by for any technical assistance as required and monitor the photo booth remotely.


  • We will encourage physical distancing with markers on the floor where guests queue and in the photobooth area as Physical distancing rules are advised by NSW Health Guidelines.​

  • To follow better physical distancing recommendations, only relatives or already well-known people will be allowed to use the photo booth at any time.

  • Close contact as Household or other close contacts are not required to physically distance as per NSW Health Guidelines.

  • The entry and exit to the photo booth will be clearly marked. 

  • To avoid crowding we suggest guests are invited to the photobooth table by table.


  • All photobooth equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised prior to and after every event. 

  • Hand sanitisers will be provided on entry to and exit from the photo booth area. One more sanitiser spray will also be available at events for our staff to use on equipment where relevant and necessary.

  • Our photobooth attendant will start the photo session and operate the touch screen on behalf of the guests. 

  • No physical props will be supplied for better COVID safety measurements

  • If having a guest book, hand sanitiser will be provided to use prior to writing in the book. Disinfectant wipes will be provided to wipe down the pens and table periodically. Two cups for pens & glue will be provided clearly labelled ‘used’ and ‘clean’. 

  • Photo print will be handed over to guests by our attendant only, and guests will be requested to use hand sanitisers  before touching photobooth or printer for safety reasons


  • We will maintain a record of the guests who uses the photobooth, including name, a mobile number or email address if the venue has not already done so

  • We only issue online invoices to our clients

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