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How to choose a photobooth backdrop

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Any of our backdrops are the best, depending on what you're event theme/styling is. We prefer something that is simple and flattering or active and to the theme.

We invested in custom building our collection to match the great variety of events and don't like to pigeon hole any one look when you might have better ideas than us. Our blue waves backdrop for example can work for nautical, beach, boys birthday, girls birthday, balcony wedding, company christmas and so many more. Decide for yourself which backdrop is best for you. Read to the end just in case there is a style you hadn't thought of yet!

All photos are original photos from our booths and subject to copyright.



1A. Matte White - Most Popular and our Favourite!

1B. Matte White B&W Only

2. Matte Black

3. Pink Gradient

New Backdrop - Images coming soon

4. Blue Gradient

New Backdrop - Images coming soon



5. Blue ZigZag

6. Black Chevron

New Backdrop - Images coming soon

7. Marble

8. Gold Dots



9. Flamingos

10. Monstera

11. Gold Sparkles

12. Pastel Flowers

13 . Boxwood Hedge

14 . Red Curtains



15. Gold Tinsel

16. Rose Gold Tinsel

New Backdrop - Images coming soon

17. Silver Tinsel

18. Blue Tinsel

New Backdrop - Images coming soon

19. Green Tinsel

New Backdrop - Images coming soon

20A. Flower Wall

20B. Hedge Wall


Custom Print

21. Step-and-repeat

22. Themed

23. Branded


Custom Build

24. Flower Wall (We built this ourselves)

25. Pallet Wall

26. Balloon Wall


DIY by Client

27. Venue Wall

28. Open Backdrop

29. Client Construction



30. Green Screen


So which backdrop did you like best?

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