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Open Style Photobooth

Flattering photos with instant prints


Better Photos

Quality matters and when you look back on your photobooth booking you'll be saying"See honey, I was a 10/10 back then" when you might have only been a solid 7 outside of our booth. We were photographers first and it shows in our highly regarded quality of images.


Elegant Styling

Our Open Photobooth has clean black and white styling to match your red carpet gala, marketing event or 16th birthday. It goes with everything and everywhere. Even in rustic barns or beach-side nautical themed venues, our booths look perfect in more venues than any other.

Deliveroo x Messina-6.jpg

Customisable Prints

Your branding, your styling or your name/s. Our digital templates allow you to stretch your design edge to edge in full colour and popping like there's no tomorrow. Can we add you premade logo? Yes we can and we can also add a matching image outline to match the line thickness and colour palette too.

Booth Style 2


This is our favourite booth. Strong flash for brilliant photos in all venues. Height and angle adjustable for all guests. White styling.


5 Available

Booth Style 3


This booth maximises branding area. Strong flash for brilliant photos in all venues. Angle adjustable for all guests. 

1 Available


Instant Action

Gratification is a fleeting thing so we like to give it instantly. Don't wait 60 seconds after hitting print, our printers take just 10 seconds from the end of the photo session! That means less time waiting and more time dancing. 


They're friendly and funny and attendant-y. Our staff will keep your guests entertained, educated on how to use the service and help you get the most of your event printer.

Your files are not locked away. We'll often have direct emailing at events so guests can get their photos straight away, but we'll always give you a full event gallery within 3 business days after the event. You'll get the option of individual file access or bulk download and everything is protected behind a custom password. 

Plenty of Props

If you like props then we have the props for you. Dress ups, props on sticks and even custom themed props packs, our accessories are the best at turning that frown upside down. We don't think photos need props, and you can read more about that here, but for those that want them we have you covered.

Stylish Prints

We like elegant styles, popping colours and ambient vibes. Your prints will match the unique feelings of the event, both from the pre-designed border and the live photos taken. Prints lock those moments in time and are ready and worthy of mounting to a fridge, sticking in a book or mounting in a frame.

If you like backdrops then we have the backdrops for you. Solid Colours, patterns, graphics, physical, branded and custom, our backgrounds are the best at turning that frown upside down. We don't think the best photos need active backdrops, and our full selection is here, but we've got style for every theme.

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