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Should we have props?

Updated: Mar 14, 2019


Maybe, maybe not.

We include props as an optional but free inclusion in all of our packages, however that doesn't mean we think every event should have them. In fact, for the most stylish events most guests won't even use the props because they're too concerned about looking their absolute best. We leave it up to you to decide but we think four things are true:

  1. Photos generally look more flattering without props

  2. Event guests generally have more fun with props

  3. Brand activations seem cluttered with generic props

  4. Props get damaged easily when guests are drunk


How do photos look without props?

Pretty damn good. People will take a few nicer photos when they're not distracted with props. There might be a few people initially who are like "Why aren't there any props?". It sounds simple but almost every time when they actually see their face on screen you'll be hearing "Damnnnnn, I look good. This booth is awesome!!!". Problem solved.


What props do you have if I want them?

We have 4 types of props and each suits different types of events. Our recommendation is more precise than each birthday should be this or gala event should be that since some gala balls have really open bars and some birthdays are for classy people.

Here are our four types of props:

  1. Hand props (Props on sticks)

  2. Generic dress-ups

  3. Generic funny signs

  4. Custom theme props, signs and dress-ups - Western, James Bond/Casino/Hollywood, Hawaiian/Miami/Tropical, Christmas, Mexican, Australiana, Rainbow/Unicorns, Halloween, Company Slogans/Catch Phrases

We offer a lot of booth packages which don't have attendants but that means guests are unsupervised and when events have a lot of alcohol, it results in pretty poor treatment of our props. Instead we replenish regularly with whatever fun items we can find, old telephones, oversized glasses, halloween wigs and loads more. Our props in stock change quite often and we don't take new stock photos every week. We don't guarantee specifics unless a client pays a little extra for a themed set, in which case the props are exactly to theme, cleaned and presently neatly.


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