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Hashtag Printer
Instagram Printer

Print from your phone at an event.


Easily Aggregate Photos

Everyone has a phone and knows their best angle. Make it easy for them to send their photos to our print system without the hassles of emailing, downloading a new app or managing any of it yourself. Let us be your aggregator so you can sit back and watch your guests photos roll in.

2016-08-26 15.53.03 (4).jpg

Unique Offering

This is not your typical photobooth, there is boothy about it. Capture the interest of guests, passers by or customers as they experience their favourite photos from their phone printed right before their eyes. We didn't invent photography, but we're helping bring prints back in the biggest way we can.

Undisposable Polaroid Camera Print-344.j

Customisable Prints

Your branding, your styling or your name/s. Our digital templates allow you to stretch your design edge to edge in full colour and popping like there's no tomorrow. Can we add you premade logo? Yes we can and we can also add a matching image outline to match the line thickness and colour palette too. The photo taken by your guest is made yours with the border.

Easy to Use

Our two methods of upload are easy as pie, click and upload. Done. We manage everything from there onwards with download, processing and printing all contained within our print station and nothing more for you to do. Take all the hard work out out of your event printing.

Cute and Unique Prints

We like elegant styles, popping colours and ambient vibes. Your prints will match the unique feelings of the event, both from the pre-designed border and the live photos taken. Prints lock those moments in time and a ready and worthy of mounting to a fridge, sticking in a book or mounting in a frame.

Social Friendly

Guests "in a booth" means they're not on the dancefloor. Photos locked away in camera rolls means no sharing except for the one banger selfie out of 350 taken. Event photo printing is best way to get those candids happening and captured.

Instant Action

Gratification is a fleeting thing so we like to give it instantly. Don't wait 60 seconds after hitting print, our printers take just 10 seconds once receiving your image! That means less time waiting and more time dancing. 


They're friendly and funny and attendant-y. Our staff will keep your guests entertained, educated on how to use the service and help you get the most of your event printer.

Cloud Infrastructure

We rely only the best server hosting for our software capabilities which doesn't fail on peak event days and is built around stable APIs. This means our uptime thus far has been over 99%.

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