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Deliveroo X Messina - Disco Cube Activation

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

When you have a vision for an activation, you ask your marketing department to figure out how to make it happen. But what if you are the marketing department and have a vision you can't make go to PhotoBooth Events!

The Brief

Our brief for this was simple: Here is our disco cube, design a photo installation that captures with a camera what festival goers will be experiencing with their eyes.


The Setup

We wanted to resolve 3 issues with our final setup:

1. Image Width, Camera Height and Tilt Angle to achieve maximum "disco-cubeness"

2. Prints and Social Sharing must be quick and easy

3. Structure had to withstand over 3,000 sessions for the Laneway Music Festival tour

Solution (1)

We tried iPad Pro booths to begin with, looking at wall mounted options and even a little auxiliary lighting. This was going to be the easiest for image sharing and transportation but the results were dark, not sharp enough and had a narrow field of view. Ultimately this did not match client expectations so we continued working.

DSLR image showing iPad and expected image output.

Disappointing iPad Pro output

Solution (2)

The next step up was to use a DSLR instead which provided the ability to use wider apertures (lenses for low light), higher ISO (better light sensitivity) and tilt the camera without also tilting the touch screen. This change also necessitated a different booth so we sourced a fresh to market model which allowed the above, while also have height adjustability, camera tilt and in-built auxiliary lighting for higher quality output. This output was great, but the client still felt like they were settling for a partial mirror effect and with this investment wanted maximum "disco-cubeness".

Inside the Disco Cube with a very fast shutter speed

Brightness is better but the angle doesn't give the disco effect.

Now the pan angle was right but the tilt angle was too low.

Angle, height and exposure pretty much perfect.

Solution (3)

The final step was rental of some ultra wide angle hardware to double down on our reflective surfaces. We added more lighting, connected social kiosks and printers outside the booth for maximum efficiency and voila...issues 1 and 2 were solved. We sourced some custom flight cases for all the equipment and activated our remote operations staff in Melbourne and Brisbane to provide a full service solution for all required locations. Tick, Tick, Tick.


The Results

3 Days

3 States


1048 Animated GIFs

2096 Strips Printed

3144 Photos

1 Happy Customer


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